Code of Ethics

The mission of the Craft Retailers & Artists for Tomorrow is to:

Support and encourage creativity and artistic excellence of American craftspeople

Promote high ethical standards and business practices within the craft community

Foster the appreciation and understanding of American craft by the general public

In furtherance of one of its purposes, the promotion of high ethical standards and business practices within the craft community, CRAFT hereby adopts the following Code of Ethics. By its adoption the association restates its commitment to this purpose of the association and pledges its efforts in adhering to the principles set forth in the CRAFT CODE OF ETHICS.

CRAFT members are committed to adhering to generally recognized fair business practices, treating all with honesty, dignity and respect, candor, cooperation and decency and open communication.

CRAFT member will honor the property rights of others including copyrights and patents, and will not knowingly support or participate in the infringement or violation of such intellectual property rights.

CRAFT member will strive to provide clear, relevant and accurate information in all business dealings.

CRAFT members will honor contracts and agreements with customers, employees, suppliers, colleagues, vendors and craftspeople.

CRAFT members are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable, quality and safe products.

CRAFT members will provide clear, relevant and accurate product care and use information to our customers.

CRAFT members pledge to maintain fair and accurate advertising.

CRAFT members pledge to deliver what we promise to our customers.

CRAFT members will not knowingly misrepresent the country of origin of any work or merchandise and will support and comply with all rules, regulations and laws relating to identification of country of origin.

CRAFT members will maintain the confidentiality of CRAFT information that non-members would not be privy to, unless and until they become members of CRAFT, except as authorized by the board of directors.

Through identification as a member of CRAFT, it should be a member’s sense of duty to other members of CRAFT to honor the collective agreements of the group, including this Code of Ethics. A Commitment to the Code of Ethics is expected of every CRAFT member.

CRAFT members will not misrepresent themselves as officers of CRAFT or having the full weight of the organization behind themselves unless authorized to do so.

CRAFT members will not represent their personal positions as those of the association without prior action or specific authorization of the association.

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