Random Acts of Art


761 12th Ave S
Naples, FL  34102


Random Acts of Art is a wonderful collection of contemporary American Craft. Jewelry, pottery, glass, furniture, sculpture and more...from funky to traditional, whimsical to practical, we've got it. All handmade in America.

Opened in 2007, Random Acts of Art represent approximately 300 artists and small studios across the US and Canada. Owner Rani Richardson's love of fine craft began with a part-time job at a well know craft gallery while in college. After college she stayed worked at that gallery for 16 years, as both buyer and gallery manager. With the sale of that gallery in 2006, Rani returned to her home town to follow her dream of owning her own gallery.

"People often ask how I choose the artists & artwork we carry. I don't limit the gallery to any one media. It's filled with blown glass, furniture, both functional & decorative pottery, carved wood, sculpted metal, all sorts of jewelry and more. I start with one simple rule...it must be made in the USA or Canada. After that, it needs to be something that makes you happy, makes you smile or brings you a sense of joy or serenity. I love artwork that doesn't take itself too seriously, and thankfully, our customers seem to love it too."